Great Gums, Great Teeth

Live longer healthier lives and look and feel younger by maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Teeth are built to last a lifetime and our goal is ensure they do last and continue functioning. 

At Kensington Dental Care, periodontal health is one of our biggest concerns. Attaining and maintaining healthy bone and gum support for your teeth is our number one goal and is the basis for success of all dental treatment.

Periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss over the age of 30 and is totally preventable with regular care. Gum infections can be completely asymptomatic. Therefore, we schedule every patient for a comprehensive periodontal exam each year.

Our hygienists have had years of experience and have the skill and confidence to ensure you maintain a healthy mouth for life. They employ the latest technologies in periodontal care and stay current with recent trends in periodontal therapy. Excellent home care with an electric toothbrush and regular flossing teamed with professional care from our dedicated hygienists will ensure a healthy beautiful smile for life.

Contact us today to start taking care of your beautiful teeth and gums!